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Very excited to receive delivery of our round pen today!! ...

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The Dynamo Stud is gifting horsey cuddle time this Christmas to children who want to be with horses but with parents who don't have access to horses.

Bailey, Rocks, Kajika, Candy & some of our other mares are available for visiting children (& adults!) to cuddle & brush. We welcome children or those with disabilities or life threatening illness, may we make someone's day a bit brighter with a horsey kiss!

Please just pm to book in!
You are all more than welcome and if you bring carrots you'll be very popular with the equines!

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Goodbye to my beautiful, honest and sweet Dynamo Sunshine. We wish you all the very best of good fortune, love and enjoyment in your new home with Sallyann up in Scotland.

Shine loaded like the yearling pro she is and yes, I cried my eyes out in front of the very sweet and understanding transporters!

I will really miss this darling filly, she is very special in every way xxx

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